August 17: About laundry, brain and positive thinking sessions at IDEA


I don’t know why but the working washing machine always has a hypnotic impact on me. I’m literally in a trance every time I observe all my clothes mixing in the water with washing powder bubbles.

Laundry NYC

Laundry NYC

Especially in New York. In Russia having a washing machine in the apartment is not a luxury. I live in NYC and it is a luxury here. Sometimes I leave my clothes washing or drying and go for a walk, or I just sit there and stare at the process that makes me relaxed.

One of my exes asked me – what would make you happy, baby? He was shocked and surprised when I told him that a washing machine and a dryer would make me happy. He looked at me with eyes full of love and said – it is so easy to make you happy, you are wonderful! Such a naïve man!

By the way I can’t understand why nobody opens up a bar or cafe next to the Laundromat? It would be great business. Instead of walking somewhere or sitting and waiting, people would go to have a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine. Especially with the guaranteed customer traffic.

Anyway… a few days ago I’ve had my regular laundry. I tried to read something but couldn’t because I was stuck staring at the drum of the washing machine number 13, looking at my clothes mixing with the bubbles of washing powder in the water, and thinking – all the dust and dirt will wash off from my clothes, why not let all my mistakes and negative thoughts that I had wearing these clothes wash off as well. Then my thoughts became deeper. Would it be great if we could wash our brains as well! As soon as you realize that your head is heavy with all these crazy thoughts, it is a good time for a brain laundry. You go to the Laundromat – put some ingredients that are especially important at this moment in the washing powder box, and sit back and wait for a new, fresh brain.

You could add a little bit of pepper that makes your life a little bit spicy, sometimes some bleach DSC01061could be good as well, especially for washing off most of the negative thoughts that are hiding in the deepest crevasses.

Don’t you think that life would be so much easier…

Would it also be as fun and, sometimes, as unpredictable, like right now? I am not sure.

Life is such an interesting thing. It doesn’t matter – in sport or just in normal life – we get the result through real pain, through “I can’t do that anymore”. This type of result has real value. Same with our brain, as soon as you start to think – I can’t anymore – the sunrise comes.

I’m pretty sure there are some meditations that help cleanse the brain and your thoughts. And we always can add a little bit of spice to our life ourselves. It is up to us. It is up to me what life to have.

A few weeks ago I have visited the IDEA convention in LA. I loved it! It is similar to IHRSA, just with different people around – trainers and instructors.

IDEA 2013

IDEA 2013

As soon as I got to the Convention Center I recalled how much I love my job – I’m always surrounded by beautiful bodies, beautiful people with eyes shining because they love what they do. I’m in the best industry for sure.

I found interesting that there were a few sessions about positive thinking. It is so important to realize that IT IS ABSOLUTELY MY OWN DECISION HOW I FEEL TODAY. As soon as you accept it, you realize the responsibility you have for your actions, reactions and thoughts. And lets admit it – this is grown up behavior.


Very cool girls from Xerciselab, San Diego

It is so important for our sales guys to remember this. Our job is full of stress and pressure, and how we deal with it is our choice, our responsibility. Each sales person (including myself) was, and will be cursed. Badly. The question is how I deal with that.

It is more important for our managers and heads of sales divisions to remember this, so that they will always be supportive and understandable of their team.

One of the speakers told an interesting story from her personal experience. She was stuck in trafficDSC01074 and suddenly all the cars just stopped. After sometime, the drivers started honking. Loud. A lot. There was definitely something wrong ahead. Would honking help? I don’t think so. When she left the car and walked a little bit further to check what was going on, she saw a car with a young female driver. There was something wrong with her engine. One of the drivers, who decided to leave his car and try to help, was looking under the hood. He was doing something with her engine while others kept honking.

The question here is – who are you – a honker or a car fixer? It is absolutely up to you! It is your decision.

There were a few interesting Mind & Body classes. I have a weird relationship with yoga – I love and understand the idea of the class, but yoga doesn’t love me in return. I tried. Really. Different types of yoga. It just doesn’t work for me. However I went for a few meditation classes at IDEA and did not regret it.

One of the interesting thoughts I remember was the idea of focusing on the now and here. On the right now moment. One of the interesting points made during the class, was the idea that the effect of actions that we perform while understanding these actions right here and now, is much higher, then from automatic actions we perform against the background of external annoyances such as music, TV and phones.

Have you ever tried to have breakfast in complete silence, no newspapers, no phones, no TV? Feel every piece of the morning toast/bagel, feel the aroma of every sip of the morning coffee. I guarantee you that you will taste food in full. And you get full faster. So you eat less (by the way, I can never finish American-size meals in restaurants), and you feel the real enjoyment of the food you just had.

That’s why the instructor (I would rather call her a master) was brave enough to suggest replacing all TVs in the gyms. Do you remember what you are thinking about when you work out? Are you concentrating on your exercise right now, at this particular moment, or are you already ahead a few hours in your mind? Try to concentrate on the moment, and movement, next time you are at the gym.

Sometime ago I’ve read a runner’s blog, and he said an interesting thing – he stopped listening to music while he is jogging. It was interesting to me, because I stopped listening to music just a week ago as well. I started to run long-distance about a month or two ago, and I like to listen to my own body, my breath and also to the nature around when I’m jogging. I am also listening to my thoughts that are sometimes quite interesting especially when I am on my 5th or 6th mile.

IMG_3197I tried to visit a few classes at IDEA to better understand the product (I’m going to work with IDEA in 2014). One of the classes, called “Dancing the language of energy”, reminded me of when I was a teenager, watching Janis Joplin and The Doors videos. The class supposed to give a good energy boost to all participants. It was fun.

I haven’t been writing all summer. And I have never thought that laundry can be a good start-off point for another post. So many interesting things happen in our life and it is important to make sure to stop sometimes and listen – what lesson you are going to learn, what message are you getting right this moment.

Have a wonderful day! And remember – your day depends on what mood you will decide to put on in the morning. So choose the right one 🙂